Yves Bergquist

At ETC, Yves and his team have been working for the past 4 years with Hollywood's most senior executives to idenify challenges that could be solved through artificial intelligence, and prototype solutions, some of which are reflected in Corto.
Yves has 15 years of experience as a data scientist, business development executive, public policy consultant, and "sort of" reporter. He's still very much in Beta, which you can read about here.

Jason Kraft

Jason is a full-stack developer and data scientist with 10 y eras of startup experience, recently as Co-founder and CTO of MagicBus.
Jason is a Y Combinator alum.

Todd Holloway

Todd is a Data Scientist and currently Senior Director of Data and Personalization Science at Nike.
Todd has 15+ years of executive experience applying machine learning to complex content and consumer data, including as Head of Data Science for real estate startup Trulia, and Director of Content Algorithms at Netflix.
Todd has a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and is a Data Science lecturer at UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Spencer Stephens

Spencer is a media technology consultant and cyber-security expert.
He has 25+ years of experience at the highest level of technology organizations in Hollywood, as VP of Technology and Digital Production for Warner Bros. and Disney, and 7 years as Chief Technology Officer for Sony Pictures Entertainment.