Welcome to Corto

We've built an AI application that can watch any media and tell you who it's for.

Corto was born in an AI research lab at USC funded by all the Hollywood studios and top technology companies.

Our application in still in private Beta, but has been used to develop, produce and market dozens of films, TV shows, and marketing campaigns.

What is Corto?

A web-based research tool combining content analysis (text and video), audience analysis (social media
conversations) and ROI analysis (AutoML) to deliver deep insights on what attributes of media content
(narrative structures, emotional journeys, even color schemes) resonate with what audience segments.

Content Dataset

The world’s largest content dataset. 1 million titles, 20,000 ads and trailers.

Audience Dataset

The world’s largest audience dataset. Dozens of social sources.

A unique AI stack

Graph NNs, NLP, Computer Vision, Information theory, Complex Network Analysis, etc.


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Meet Our Team

Avatar Team Member

Yves Bergquist

CEO, Co-founder

Yves is an AI researcher, and for the past 6 years has been leading the “AI & Blockchain in Media” Project at USC’s Entertainment Technology Center. ETC brings together all the Hollywood studios as well as large tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Based at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, ETC is Hollywood’s premier think tank and research center.

At ETC, Yves and his team use frontier AI methods to research and develop applications drawn from artificial intelligence and blockchain, to try to solve large industry problems. His current focus is on developing deep content and audience intelligence tools to crack the cognitive relationship between stories and people, as well as exploring the use of blockchain technology to accelerate and simplify workflows in production, post-production, and distribution.

Yves is also the co-chair of SMPTE’s Joint Task Force on Artificial Intelligence Standards in Media, where he helps drive the standardization of AI methods throughout the media industry.

Avatar Team Member

Jason Kraft

CTO, Co-founder

Jason is a full stack developer, with applied ML experience and a penchant for hard problems. He is a 4x startup veteran and Y Combinator alum, having also consulted and advised numerous early-stage companies.

As an AI enthusiast, he is focused on leveraging modern techniques to develop practical solutions to age-old questions around the stories we live by.


3 modules, licensed separately


Content Analysis

Script analysis

Ad brief analysis

Narratives structures

Emotional tonalities

Symbols and symbolism analysis

Visual analysis

images and video

Comparables analysis

1 million Film and TV titles
20,000 ads and trailers


Audience Analysis

The world's largest social media dataset

The world's deepest social media metrics

Volume, sentiment, geo
Emotional tonalities
Deep text analysis (22 languages)
Video and image analysis
Community segmentation and analysis

Viral pathways

network + language analysis

Social graph analysis


ROI Analysis

Time-series AutoML

Upload any time-series data and find out what narrative structures and social metrics drive your bottom line.

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